The heart of the Bishop of Xuan Loc Diocese after the groundbreaking ceremony of the Pilgrimage Center of Our Lady of Nui Cui

(DMNC) Dear Fathers, Men and Women Religious and Brothers and Sisters of the Diocese of Xuan Loc, At the end of the Mass to start construction of the Pilgrimage Center of Our Lady of the Bows on August 15, 2018,

40 Volunteers at Bien Hoa Health Center Completed their Missions and returned safely

(ĐMNC) Morning of September 7, 2021 – After completing 2 weeks of volunteer service at Bien Hoa Medical Center from August 24, 2021 to present, The 65-member Charity Group including monks, GLV brothers and sisters and young people said their

Love conquers fear

(DMNC) From the field hospital, a priest’s hastily written feelings sent to his relatives, but actually sent many people, hearts are going to Xuan Loc volunteers who are serving the patients, brothers and sisters at field hospitals, isolation areas. Read.

Xuan Loc Bishop’s Office and Our Lady of Nui Cui Church donated ventilators to hospitals in Dong Nai Province

(DMNC) At noon on Monday, August 30, 2021 – Vicar General Dominic Nguyen Tuan Anh, Chancellor Joseph Doan Xuan Linh, representing the Bishops of Xuan Loc Diocese, visited General Hospital Long Khanh, Thong Nhat General Hospital, and Dong Nai General