Xuan Loc Bishop’s Office and Our Lady of Nui Cui Church donated ventilators to hospitals in Dong Nai Province

(DMNC) At noon on Monday, August 30, 2021 – Vicar General Dominic Nguyen Tuan Anh, Chancellor Joseph Doan Xuan Linh, representing the Bishops of Xuan Loc Diocese, visited General Hospital Long Khanh, Thong Nhat General Hospital, and Dong Nai General Hospital to donate CARESCAPE R860 high-end ventilators to these places.

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This is a program of Xuan Loc Bishop’s Palace and Our Lady of Nui Cui Center implemented in the spirit of Christian charity when understanding, empathizing and wanting to share difficulties and hardships with the frontline doctors and nurses. dozens of hospitals. In addition to arranging the Volunteer Group to serve at field hospitals, the Diocese also wishes to contribute a little to the hospitals for the urgent need to regain the lives of the patients.
At 11 a.m., upon arrival at Bv. Long Khanh General Hospital, Archbishop Xuan Loc was warmly welcomed by the Doctors here. After the greetings, the machine was donated to the Hospital. On behalf of the Doctors in the Hospital, Dr. Phan Van Huyen – Director of the Hospital expressed his gratitude to the Reverend Bishop, Archbishop Xuan Loc and even Pope Saint Joseph Xuan Loc for the noble deed for the hospital and the patients during the past time.

In response to the Doctor, Mr. Ho Van Nam – Secretary of the City Party Committee – Chairman of the People’s Council of Long Khanh City, on behalf of the city’s leaders, also expressed gratitude to the Bishop of the Diocese; At the same time, we also express our gratitude to the doctors and nurses who have been on the front lines day and night to serve and save the patients.

In response to Mr. Ho Van Nam and Dr. The Director of the Hospital, Father Vicar General Dominic Nguyen Tuan Anh on behalf of Archbishop Xuan Loc sent to the Leaders of Long Khanh City, and especially to the Doctors, the gratitude of the Bishop of the Diocese on behalf of the patients. and especially Catholic patients were supported and treated here. At the same time, Father Dominic also sent his best wishes for health, peace and good things to the Medical Team of the Hospital, the Leadership Board of Ho Chi Minh City. Long Khanh.

Donating 4 machines to Bv. Thong Nhat Polyclinic

A total of three hospitals have received 6 high-end CARESCAPE R860 ventilators from the Diocese’s program: Long Khanh General Hospital, Dong Nai General Hospital, and Thong Nhat General Hospital.

Among them, two machines are gifts from Reverend Dominic Nguyen Chu Trinh, Construction Director of Our Lady of Nui Cui Center. This is the special support that Our Lady of Nui Cui Center wants to give to the hospital, stemming from the pastoral care of the Bishop so that the doctors and nurses have more means to save the patients. Moreover, the Center of Our Lady of the Curve Mountain is a place built to honor Our Lady and also the place where she bends down to her children who are suffering both in body and soul. The remaining machines are gifts from Archbishop Xuan Loc through the contributions of many silent benefactors to Bishop John. Because Archbishop Xuan Loc bought and made gifts for hospitals to serve during the difficult period because of the COVID pandemic, VietMedical Company also supported the price and assembled staff on-site and dedicated.

Hopefully, through these high-end ventilators, they will be a great support for the Medical Team in treating COVID patients in order to save many lives.

Receiving the precious gifts of the visit of Archbishop Xuan Loc and high-class ventilators, the Directors of the hospitals were very happy and grateful for the sharing and sympathy of the Diocese.

Donating the machine to Bv. Long Khanh Polyclinic

Father General Representative Dominic Nguyen Tuan Anh replied to the Board of Directors of the Hospital and leaders of the city. Long Khanh
Donating 4 machines to Bv. Thong Nhat Polyclinic

Bs. Director Bv. Thong Nhat General Hospital expressed gratitude and care for patients
Donating the machine to Bv. Dong Nai General Hospital

Board of Directors Bv. Dong Nai Polyclinic receives the machine

News, photos: MVTT Gp. Xuan Loc

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