Volunteers and the way to God

(DMNC) I am the way, the truth and the life” feelings from the article “Memoirs: Serving in Quarantine” and thinking about the way to God…

I have the habit of watching the news every night, regularly monitoring the situation in Vietnam, especially the lives of people in my hometown Saigon, to follow the lives of Jesus’ followers with Mary – The benevolent Mother who carried and guided me on my young path, and continues to lead me to this moment.

The other night, I happened to see the article “Memoirs: Serving in Quarantine”, the author is Fx. Hoan My, posted on the website of the Archdiocese of Saigon on September 2, 2021. After watching it a few times, suddenly, I had a need for a good direction and an inspiration to write – write with the feelings of a son away from home, interwoven with the sentiments of a believer, and I record my thoughts below. mine after watching.

The camaraderie of the three volunteer friends in the story of this article is heartwarming. More than simply “to forget the hard work and at the same time increase their productivity”, that friendship also manifests the presence of Jesus in their hearts and in a way, they have been enlightened by God: “ Love one another as I have loved you” (John 13:34).

“My mother is also worried, because this has nothing to do with my profession. Many nights sitting alone, I miss my mother so much! I haven’t been home for a long time, I miss it, but what can I do?!” Phong’s sharing made me feel uneasy. I really don’t want to see the contemplation and reflection in young people, because I have experienced it. I experienced not the epidemic, not the Corona virus, but with the same result, I was robbed of the income and freedom of youth, robbed of the joy that made my eyes tear up, my heart filled with tears. astringent; it tries to destroy life, makes us shut our mouth, hold our breath… Oh, pity for a human life!

The author of the article did not speak his mind when listening to the two young people confiding. But I know God is present in him and in me, like we are walking together on the path God has prepared. So I partially understood the author’s thoughts at that time. The author really wants to banish the ephemeral sadness, which is slowly sneaking into the heart to make a nest.

Although I and the author are separated by half a world, there is something that makes me feel and read the author’s mood at that time: eyes looking at the blue sky, watching the setting sun still reflect and knit. red and yellow on the white clouds, interspersed with the chirping of a few birds in the sky; they leisurely invite each other to fly back to the nest…

I silently pray, may graces from the sky pour down, warm the author’s heart, let him feel a sacred vitality that is permeating every cell and every muscle in his body, erasing afflictions, and poured in his ear the words, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” (John 14:6)

Impressed when I read the article, there are two characters in the story (Phong and Vu). I feel so sorry for these two. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused the two of you a severe shock, a mental crisis, pushed you two into the gravity of the lonely void, and forced you two away from your dear old mother. And I know well that there is always peace in suffering, so I am secretly happy for the two of you, secretly happy for all those who are committed to serving, because they do not let loneliness take control, on the contrary, they also know Take control of your life.

It was late at night, I went out to the yard, leaned back in the chair on the porch, watching the shimmering stars, suddenly saw a starlight in the distance. I quickly folded my hands, closed my eyes, hoping the starlight would send my heart to the two of you, and those who are committed to the community.

Instead of looking for temporary outside pleasures to relieve loneliness, your karma has invisible pushed you to knock on Thien’s door, voluntarily volunteering to help patients with Covid-19 , adding to his own troubles, not because of money, close to the god of death, and also heard scolding from those who are being isolated.

Dear Phong, Vu! Volunteering – which the two of you have been doing for the world – will not be in vain for the future. It is engraved in memory, and will follow you for the rest of your life. Over time, this good seed will bear fruit, creating a small bridge to bring the two of you deep into the spiritual life.

Dear Phong! At night, you reflect on yourself in silence. That is, you know how to return to yourself, know how to listen to the voice of your heart. It is the path that leads you to the inner life and also the path that leads you to Truthfulness, Compassion, and Beauty. At the end of the path will be a mysterious, almighty, and eternal light.

I understand, the more you talk to yourself, the more you understand your “me”. When you understand it a lot, you will gradually reduce your ego, and at the same time, you will realize the spiritual life; it has a unique value and is more precious than all the treasures on earth put together, for it is the living soul of every body. Your vision will be farther, wider, from there, the lonely shadow fades; the ego shrinks; the six paths (eyes, nose, ears, tongue, skin, and mind) will become clearer and clearer; and finally your soul will be clear, recognize the mysterious light that slowly manifests in your soul.

I am no better than the two of you, just older, “lucky” to experience the lost, empty and lonely scenes in my father’s hometown, and the first part in a foreign land. I think, everyone in life has to go through a little loneliness that torments them. They do not seek solitude, but loneliness has the opportunity to inquire about their health. Even “superheroes” have to deal with loneliness.

Indeed, in human history, Shakyamuni Buddha meditated for 49 days under the Bodhi tree, more than 2500 years ago, to find the source of human suffering before he attained righteous fruition. . Jesus, 2000 years ago, was tempted by the devil during 40 days and nights of testing in the desert, to train his spirit before he went out to preach.

Obviously, Phong, Vu and I are only mortals, not comparable to superhumans, but I pray that the two of you, and those who are engaged, will overcome the lonely threshold to re-establish life balance and maintain peace of mind.

Finally, I have a few words to say to the author of the article “Memoirs: Serving the Quarantine”.

Dear Hoan My!

The contrast between the two vitality in the human body, is difficult to discern:

– One is bodily vitality, inclined to extroversion, following the desires of the six senses and memory, clinging to the ephemeral, catching illusions, and finding ups and downs, birth and death, joy and sorrow in human life.

– The second is spiritual vitality, introspective, simple living, seeking peace, omnipotence and eternity.

The body is the floating part, manifesting and living because of the vitality of the submerged part (spirit).

Finding and coming to spirituality is to seek to live forever in time, from generation to generation, because spiritual life is mysterious and eternal.

America creates pleasure in service work, that is, on the way to find and realize spiritual values. America’s attention to others, America will receive a noble place in “The Way to God.”

America must have read a lot, wrote a lot. So, let’s continue to deepen the understanding in the Bible, fully understand, live and follow God’s word, surely in the future, the soul will be pure, able to communicate with the mysterious light of God.

Only very few souls, very rarely, recognize God, even though God always loves people, accompanies each person in every day, every hour, every minute, every second, and throughout life. He is always tolerant, helping people in times of trouble as well as in times of success

Reading the confessions of two young people Phong and Vu told by Hoan My in the story, I had the opportunity to review the pieces of my past. They are real experiences and valuable baggage for me for the rest of my life in this hectic world.

Let’s continue each day, continue to love and care for each other, because you have one thing in common: that is knocking on Thien’s door to practice spiritually.

I hope: Hoan My, Phong, Vu and those who are committed to serving, will recognize the mysterious light in each person’s heart in the future. That day, you will experience for yourself the saying, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” (John 16:4)

Tonight, a quiet, quiet night, I close my eyes and pray to Jesus to bless each soul far away, so that you can see His mysterious lights in your hearts. May God always be the spiritual torch to guide you out of the twists and turns, or the temptations of life, to help you stay confident and healthy, through which, you continue to help your family. family, relatives, friends, and Covid-19 patients.

Cali. USA, 4-9-2021
Dumark Trung Kien (TGPSG)

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