The heart of the Bishop of Xuan Loc Diocese after the groundbreaking ceremony of the Pilgrimage Center of Our Lady of Nui Cui

(DMNC) Dear Fathers, Men and Women Religious and Brothers and Sisters of the Diocese of Xuan Loc,

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At the end of the Mass to start construction of the Pilgrimage Center of Our Lady of the Bows on August 15, 2018, I wanted to share with all the Diocese families, those present as well as those who are absent. , especially those who attended Mass through the diocesan media, shared their thoughts. However, because the weather conditions at that time did not allow it, I wrote these sentiments today to send to all the children of the Diocese who are living inside or outside the Xuan Loc Diocese.

First of all, please join us in praying for the construction of the Pilgrimage Center of Our Lady of Cui Mountain to be done well and in peace. In addition, I would like to ask all the children of the Diocese to join us in praying for the pilgrims who will visit Our Lady at this Center. May all who come here, especially the suffering, the sick, the lonely, the destitute, the depressed and despairing lives, the trying families, may experience mercy of God and find the consolation, help and support of Our Lady.

The second sentiment is that I wish that the construction of Our Lady of Nui Cui Center will be enthusiastically cooperated by all the Diocese families. This is an opportunity for all dioceses to grow more in faith, in the spirit of unity of love, in their commitment to charity and to bear witness to God in front of their brothers and sisters. As a result, the Center for Our Lady of Nui Cui Center is not only a juxtaposition of concrete blocks and bricks, but an expression of the loving unity of everyone in the Diocese. Therefore, I ask everyone to make an effort to cooperate with prayer, with sacrifices and by contributing efforts and material means. Those who have a lot, contribute a lot, those who have little, contribute a little, but in faith and unity, no one loses. Even if it is only two coins of the widow, if packed with all faith in the Lord, it is also a valuable and great contribution (Mk 12:41-44). May the day of the inauguration of Our Lady of Cui Mountain Pilgrimage Center, all the children of the Diocese, from children to the elderly, will all be happy and joyful and everyone can say that : “I did my part for the construction of the Center of Our Lady”.

The last sentiment I would like to express is the desire to see all the children of the Diocese as witnesses of God’s mercy and everywhere sowing the seeds of God’s mercy. In the Gospel reading of the Assumption Mass, we have heard and joined Our Lady in the praise of God: “God’s mercy passes from generation to generation”.

We have accepted God’s mercy! So, when we leave, let us take God’s mercy with us to water all the Diocese’s land with drops of mercy and sow the seeds of God’s mercy into the caves and alleys, crept into families, imbued with the suffering, sick, precarious and unlucky lives, and especially to families who are in discord, disagreement or humiliation because someone in the family is addicted to alcohol. flooding, gambling, red and black… so that everyone can taste God’s mercy through the love of their brothers and sisters. To achieve this aspiration, we need to do two things:
1/ Each person needs to realize that he is also in need of God’s mercy and that of others, because “humanity is not perfect” and “If God accepts sins, who can be saved” (Abyss Suffering). Those who humbly acknowledge their sinful condition and frailty to ask for forgiveness will feel the mercy of God and of others. The consolation and joy that flow from the mercy we have received will help us to open our hearts to others in their weaknesses and to forgive their mistakes.
2/ The compassion experienced in the heart needs to be spread within the family to spread everywhere. The second part of our Diocese’s pastoral theme this year is “Families Be a Sign of God’s Mercy. Accompanying Young Families”. May families, especially young families, practice to treat each other with mercy, making the family a place of “mercy” and thus parishes and our entire Diocese. will become the “mecca of mercy”.
May God, through the intercession of Our Lady of the Curling Mountain, bless every family and every person. I would like to thank my brothers and sisters.


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