Love conquers fear

(DMNC) From the field hospital, a priest’s hastily written feelings sent to his relatives, but actually sent many people, hearts are going to Xuan Loc volunteers who are serving the patients, brothers and sisters at field hospitals, isolation areas.

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Read. Fun. Happy. And also teary eyes.

Read. Admire.

And also to bow in gratitude

because of the great sacrifice, but why is it like a light fragrance,

which when you read, you will find a peace,

a love stronger than fear and death.

That sentiment is not only the author’s own, sharing, but also the representative of many volunteers Xuan Loc has, is having the same sharing.

Then, if someday, you meet these people, you will see that the sentiments are real in real people.

A quick message to loved ones!

I and everyone here are still healthy and safe! Please continue to accompany me and the volunteers in prayer, or in small sacrifices. We sincerely thank you.

{C}{C}{C}Small feelings…

It is our honor to share the suffering with our homeland during the epidemic, to contribute a pair of hands to serve our brothers and sisters. There are many times when we are sweaty, there are hardships, worries, and even fears, but we feel supported by God and overcome it all…

I used to preach that love conquers fear. And now, I am even more convinced of it. Love not only helps you overcome fear, but also gives you the strength to dare to accept hardships, and even injuries, or sufferings.

Seeing the pain of others, I have more strength. I just want to be with them, and love them, with my own concrete sacrifices. The sacrifice, let me better understand what love is like.

I realize,

That’s what God wants me to do now…

I have a source

I have a homeland

When the homeland and compatriots face hardships

I want to be in the middle,

And share those same difficulties…

I didn’t do anything great either

Just wishing to be like a carefree drop of water, mingling with the flow of love,

With how many people?

donate a pair of hands that are not afraid of difficulties

And a heart learning to love…

With a belief and hope: people will soon return to their happy and peaceful days…”
– Father Joseph Nguyen. NS. N.


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