Dedication Mass of Nghia Son Parish Church and Altar

(DMNC) On the morning of Sunday, January 17, 2016, Bishop Dominic Nguyen Chu Trinh, Bishop of Xuan Loc Diocese, presided over the Inauguration Mass of Nghia Son Parish Church, Bien Hoa District, Xuan Loc Diocese.

Concelebrating with the Bishop were the Reverend Fathers, the Reverend Fathers. Father in the Diocese.

Attending the ceremony were monks and nuns, representatives of your religion, and a large number of parishioners and guests.

Nghia Son Church is about 1km from Dong Nai Bridge. In 1957, a number of families from Nghia Chinh came to settle in Long Son – Tan Van hill. Here they built the first small chapel made of bamboo and leaves, and within 10 years these people had to rebuild the place of worship four times because of the destruction caused by storms and natural disasters.

In 1960, parishioners built a small brick chapel. In 1961, the chapel had to be demolished to build the Saigon – Bien Hoa highway. After that, Father Dao Duy Du of Long Binh (Saigon) asked the government to rebuild the Long Son church and was accepted.

In 1966, Long Son family – Ngai Thang hamlet – Di An district was divided into Xuan Loc diocese. On May 19, 1966, Bishop Joseph Le Van An elevated the Long Son parish to the rank of a parish with the name of Nghia Son Parish and appointed Father Anton Nguyen Tu Dai as the first parish priest. In 1967, Father Anton Nguyen Tu Dai and the lay community embarked on the construction of a new church, inaugurated on October 29, 1969.

Father Anton Nguyen Tu Dai died in 2001, then the Bishop appointed Father Joseph Do Duc Tri as parish priest. After more than 5 years in charge, the parish’s facilities were repaired and cleaned. In mid-2006, Father Joseph was sent by the Bishop to study abroad. In early 2007, Father Joseph Nguyen Tien Thinh took care of the parish until mid-2009.

On July 10, 2009, Father Joseph Hoang Van Trung received the mission to serve Nghia Son Parish. Due to the rapid increase in the number of parishioners, he together with the community of God’s people built a new church, and today completed it to be consecrated on the occasion of Kim Khanh’s 50th anniversary of the founding of the parish.

Before the Mass, the Bishop, the Custodian of Bien Hoa and the parish priest, Father Joseph, cut the ribbon to inaugurate and then the Bishop celebrated the opening ceremony of the new church, the community of God’s people joyfully entered the church.

In his sharing, the Bishop spoke about the meaning of the church’s inauguration Mass. The church has a foundation from the Bible, a place where God’s people gather to read and share God’s Word. He emphasized the importance of the church not only as a spiritual work but also as a cultural work. With the presence of the church, the Good News of God is spread. Therefore, it will be easier for people to accept and love each other.
The bishop congratulated and praised the parish priest and the parishioners of Nghia Son for their zeal in religious life. He urged everyone to try their best to pray and worship God in a way that is suitable for the new church and advised everyone to live stronger faith in the presence of many immigrant brothers and sisters.

Following the homily and prayer with the saints, the Bishop placed the remains of the four martyrs at the altar:
1. Saint Philip Phan Van Minh, priest, born in 1815 in Vinh Long, martyred on July 3, 1853 at the age of 38.
2. Saint Peter Nguyen Van Luu, priest, born in 1812 in Go Vap, Gia Dinh, was martyred on April 7, 1961 in My Tho.
3. Saint Joseph Nguyen Van Luu, layman, born in 1790 in Cai Nhum Vinh Long, martyred on May 2, 1854 in Vinh Long.
4. Saint Matteu Le Van Gam, merchant, born in 1813, was beheaded on 11/05/1847 at Cho Quan.

And the Father blessed the new altar. From now on, the altar has been consecrated to God for the purpose of sacrifice. Mass then continued as usual.

At the end of the Mass, Parish Priest Joseph Hoang Van Trung thanked the Bishop, the Fathers, the monks and nuns, relatives, benefactors and guests who came to attend the Inauguration Mass.

At the end of the Mass, the Bishop, the Reverend, the Priests and the People of God community had a party at the church grounds.

Joseph Kong Huu Source

Xuan Loc Diocese

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