A Young Person’s Feelings on a Charity Trip

(DMNC) Time flies, it’s been more than a week since I participated in volunteer activities against the Covid-19 epidemic. Although the service time was short, it left me with so many emotions and beautiful memories that I will probably never forget.


I remember very well that day, on a sunny afternoon, when I received a letter calling for volunteer participation from the Bishop of Xuan Loc Diocese, my heart suddenly filled with an indescribable feeling: I want to. to leave, to be served, to share the pain of Covid-19 patients. Because the registration time is quite urgent, I only have one day to think and decide. I prayed a lot for your grace to enlighten and strengthen me; More than ever, I feel my soul is at peace so I decided to register to participate. Because of my love and concern for me, my family objected to not allowing me to go. Seeing the sad eyes of Mom and family members, I had to fight fiercely. Yes, people are called to “stay at home to fight the epidemic” and children want to “go out to fight the epidemic”. But Mother, “Where there is a need for youth; It’s hard to find a catechist anywhere.” As a Catechist, I cannot stand by and watch. Mom rest assured, I will be very careful, I believe God will keep me and my family safe. So, with all my enthusiasm to commit to serving, I persuaded my family to agree and support me to volunteer.

Update Covid news regularly about the increasing number of infections and deaths every day, as well as watch mournful videos of “undead funerals”, the cries of loved ones when standing next to the car carrying the officials. the talent of my loved one that I could not see for the last time, hastily parted in pity, … all those images touched my heart. I feel my heart ache because of so much pain, loss and damage going on around me. Covid, you not only make people die, but the most painful thing is to die alone, alone and lonely. The more I see those mournful images, the more I want to commit to serving, the more I urge me that “I have to serve well, with all my strength, and with all my heart no matter what job I do.” .

Very well aware of the dangers that I will face, I know that: I can get infected at any time, but those things do not discourage me. Many people ask me, “Don’t you know how to be afraid?” As a weak person, I am afraid and very afraid of the dangers lurking around me. But with a conviction in the love of God and the support and companionship of my family and the parish, I feel strangely peaceful in my heart, happy because I am about to set out to serve the brothers. his sisters. Every time I’m scared I always say to God, “God! You take care of everything for me!” And really until now, every day and every hour that passes, I feel that You have been taking care of everything for me.

There are times when it’s hot in a protective suit, there are days when I feel so tired that I think I’m almost exhausted, I remember the image of Covid victims struggling to take their lives every second. every minute, I smile again, silently offering my little sacrifices to God to pray for them, and to pray for souls; and after that, I continued to be happy and engrossed in my service.

In the midst of this pandemic, people often struggle to ask themselves, “Where is God? Why did You let me suffer like this?” This is the question humanity asks when suffering from the virus, and it was the question I asked before. But when participating in volunteering, I have found God through every person I come into contact with, through every thing I do. And I received the answer that “He is still with me even though I cannot see him, but at my right hand he is always there. Therefore, trust in the Lord, turn to his mercy, and sincerely repent for all the weaknesses and mistakes of mankind.”

Lord, sanctify everything I do, so that I can bring Your image and mercy to those I have served and are serving, so that more people will know You and open their hearts to receive. Him in their lives. May God continue to accompany and keep us in this mission.

Posts by Dang Thi Ngoc Han
– Youth Catechists of Binh Hai Parish (GPXL)

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