40 Volunteers at Bien Hoa Health Center Completed their Missions and returned safely

(ĐMNC) Morning of September 7, 2021 – After completing 2 weeks of volunteer service at Bien Hoa Medical Center from August 24, 2021 to present,

The 65-member Charity Group including monks, GLV brothers and sisters and young people said their goodbyes to return: those who left and stayed behind were too attached. After being tested negative for COVID19, 40 people will return to Saint Martino’s Temple to rest and safely isolate before returning to the Congregation, with their families. The rest will continue to commit to serving in the coming days.

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At 6:30, Thanksgiving Mass is full of holiness, peace and emotion. Just started the army today, but now it’s time to return. The invitation to follow the example of Mary to “hurry to visit and help her cousin Elizabeth” by Father Vicar General Dominic Nguyen Tuan Anh still remains with each volunteer. Leaving in a hurry, serving hard, but still full of joy. The youth and the desire to contribute something to the compatriots and brothers and sisters in the pandemic situation, and especially the Lord’s call to commit through the letter of the Diocese, the volunteers rushed to rushed to the road and now has successfully completed in peace.

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Before leaving, the group thanked TTYT Bien Hoa and sent a message through the Representative General to the Bishops of Diocese, Fathers in charge of Charity, and the Government thank you for creating conditions for the Volunteer Group. have the opportunity to serve here to Spread Love for everyone, especially COVID19 patients.

At 2pm, the 40-member Volunteer Group returned to Saint Martino – Ho Nai in peace. This place is arranged by the Diocese with the Dominican Order to create a peaceful rest for the volunteers who are quarantined for 14 days before returning to work and their families.

Thanks God. Thank you to the monks, teachers and young people for “not looking at life from the balcony, not looking at people from smartphones” but for being in the midst of the epidemic and accompanying their brothers and sisters in their suffering. of the pandemic. May God bless all souls of good will.


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